Spring Burglary Prevention Tips

Warm weather in the Spring brings around something unwanted that most people don’t notice – more burglaries. Spring crime rates rise with the warmer weather, for two major reasons: warmer weather and outdoor activities.

Warm weather leads to more burglaries in two ways. The first is simple: with warmer weather comes warmer nights. Most burglars rob in the warmer seasons because the cold can make stealing more difficult. The second is access. As the weather is warmer, people open more windows and use screen doors for a nice breeze in the home. This gives burglars and thieves more ways of breaking into your home.

Spring activities such as gardening and lawn care often lead to an unlocked entry for burglars. Open garage doors and unlocked back doors can give a thief quick access to your valuables while you are right outside.

You can’t stop every burglary by just locking your door. A quality alarm system, outdoor lighting, and even a watchdog can greatly reduce and prevent criminals from burglarizing your home or business. Keep your valuables, and more importantly your family, safe from harms way at home with CCTV security monitoring and alarm systems from Control Security Services.

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