Make Your Home Look Active

As the weather warms up, burglaries become more common. If you are going away on vacation, it is important to have your home look like it has activity. A home that looks like someone is on premises is less likely to get robbed.
Have someone you trust collect the mail and newspaper daily. One of the biggest signs of inactivity in a home is a full mailbox. If you have a home automation system, set your lights on a timer to mimic home activity. If you do not have this service, ask a neighbor or someone you trust to turn lights on and off throughout the day. Before leaving, make sure bushes are trimmed, and if you have a gardener or landscaper, they should keep up appearances. Do not use social media to tell people that you are out of town. Posts and pictures can wait until you return, and can show the world that no one is in your home. For more protection when you go away, consider having a surveillance system installed.
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