5 Alarming Statistics About Break-ins

How easy is it for a burglar to get into your home? The statistics on break-ins in America may show you that your home may not be safe without an alarm system. We’ve compiled five statistics on burglaries, to show the importance of proper home security.

  • 30% of all break-ins are not forced. 3 out of 10 burglars simply walk into a target house via an unlocked door or open window, without using force. It is an astonishing ratio, but many people leave windows open when they leave the house or overnight, giving burglars their way in unintentionally.
  • About ⅓ of all burglars go in through the front door, whether it is unlocked or not. Old and/or hollow wooden doors are relatively easy for the average criminal to kick in and enter. Replacing your hollow or old wooden doors with a metal-clad or solid wood door can help prevent break-ins. Strong locks or deadbolts can also help to defend your home. Motion lighting and security cameras are strong deterrents for criminals looking to bash their way in.
  • Roughly every 15 seconds, a home in america is invaded. More burglaries happen in the US statistically than in any other country in the world.
  • In about 28% of all break-ins in America, at least one member of the household is home. 7% of burglaries result in a household member being involved in violence during the break-in.
  • A large majority of burglars will purposefully not target a house if they know that there is an alarm system present in the building. Also, most burglars flee if an alarm is sounded.

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