5 tips for Summer Home Security

The weather is getting hot and humid, and the warmer months are when burglars strike the most. Don’t let a criminal take advantage of your family, and protect your home with these 5 tips.
1  Burglars can and will use anything to their advantage. Keep ladders locked up or in the house when not in use. Trim trees and shrubs that could provide cover or that could be climbed to gain entry into your home. If you have a dog door, make sure you can lock it off when you don’t need it. Some burglars will try and fit through it or unlock a door by reaching through
2  Clean up your front lawn. Remove newspapers and trim the hedges. These tasks make a home look lived in and active, which could deter burglars. Your neighbors will also appreciate this.
3  Light up your yard. Motion sensor flood lights can help deter burglars and give you a better view of your driveway when coming home at night. No burglar wants to be spotted, let alone lit up for everyone to see.
4  Don’t announce trips. Do not post trip plans on social media sites. Wait until you return home to post pictures. Nothing says “rob me” quite like “We are in another country for this week.” Have a close friend or family member look after your house while you are away, including picking up the newspapers and mail.
5  Add home security to your mobile device. Home security while you are at work or on vacation can help you better secure your house. Home automation can help you keep your energy bills down. You can also set lights on a timer to simulate activity if you are away.
Protect your family and ease your mind this Summer with only the best in home protection and surveillance equipment. The professionals at SI Alarm are here to help you help keep your family and your home safe. For more information on our video surveillance and control systems, give Control Security Alarms, your Staten Island alarm dealer a call today at (718) 948-3200.