Tip on the Latest Home Invasions on Staten Island

With the rash of home invasions of the last few months..just a little note for safety…if you arm your alarm system when your doorbell rings you have the exit time to decide whether you trust the person or not…if you’re incapacitated.. after a few minutes the entry buzzer will sound then the alarm will…notifying the Central Station …should you be forced to answer the phone you give the wrong password and hang up the phone….the operators at the Central Station are trained to understand what that means and notify the proper authority….as always we at CONTROL SECURITY are here to help any questions 718.948.3200…

Keep Your Family Safe

Cutout paper chain family with the protection of cupped hands, cLife Safety Devices Installed by Control Security can be a great way to keep your family safe. If you worry about what would happen to a family member when you’re not around Installing life Safety devices is the answer. 24/7 peace of mind and a safer home is a wise choice for any Staten Island home owner. If fire, fumes or carbon monoxide makes it’s way into your home someone can be alerted.  Know about water that could cause structural damage to your home while you are away.  If someone in your home hears an intruder, you can know about it. Be notified if there is a dangerous gas leak. when temperatures fall too low, you can find out about it before your pipes freeze. If you have a senior or infirmed person in your home they can have an extra level of protection with our medical alert system. They can send help with the push of a button. We can keep your medical history on hand for emergency responders. Control Security can keep you safe in many ways. Call for a free consultation 718-948-3200

1. Smoke Detection
2. Water Sensors
3. Carbon Monoxide Detection
4. Panic Alarms
5. Gas Leak Detection
6. Medical Alarms
7. Low Temperature Sensors
8. Stand Alone Medical Alert Systems
9. Home Security

4 Tips to Prevent Holiday Crimes

Whether you are going out for shopping, work, or to see the family this holiday season; home burglaries are most common while people are not home. Along with having a powerful security monitoring system, these precautions can help keep burglars out of your home. Here are four tips to protect your home when you aren’t there:

  • Keep some lights on. Potential robbers may think that someone is home if they see lights. Entering the home with lights on can also help you if burglars are still inside. When you are not accessing your safe, keep it closed, locked, and hidden.
  • Keep outdoor tools or ladders that could be used for breaking and entering locked up.
  • Make sure that all of the doors and windows are closed and locked when you leave the house. If you will be out during the day, open blinds on a higher floor. Ground level windows are easier to look through than the one 15 feet up.
  • Keeping a radio or TV on might be a waste of electricity, but it could give off the illusion that someone is home.

All together, your best bet for securely protecting your home (and your valuables) is with a quality security system you can trust.

Shopping Robberies

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to become a victim of an assault or robbery. People carry large sums of money in order to buy holiday gifts, and they can be easily targeted by robbers. Stay safe while shopping this winter, and keep these shopping safety tips in mind.
Try not to walk alone, before or after shopping. Between carrying money, or carrying gifts, there can be something to steal; but safety in numbers. Avoid walking close to potential hiding places for muggers, like dumpsters, parks, or even bushes. Try to stay in well-lit locations. Walk strongly and at a steady pace. It may seem like something you tell your kids; but don’t talk to or accept rides from strangers. Stay vigilant and inform security or the police of any suspicious activities. Wear non-restricting or flowing clothes or shoes that could limit your freedom of movement during a confrontation. Avoid using headphones or earbuds; which could make you unaware of dangers in your surroundings. Car alarms can be used in an emergency to attract the attention of bystanders
In the event you are robbed, do not resist and try to remain unharmed. When at home, Control Security can help keep you and your loved ones safe with our vigilant 24/7 monitoring systems. Rest easy as we make sure your family is safe in case of an emergency.

Preventing Burglary in Your Home with Security Systems

6152_Couple_Disarming_loAccording to the FBI a burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds. Most burglaries happen during the day while people are at school or work. Must burglaries are performed
by young males under 25 years of age. They are usually looking for money jewelry, electronics, drugs and things that can be converted to cash easily. Most burglars will try entry through a window or door first. Easy access is preferred. They can use force to enter by using ordinary household tools to pry their way in. Burglars are usually successful because police get to less than 15% of reported break-ins and don’t usually catch the burglar while committing the crime. foil would-be security breaches by using quality doors, windows and locks. Make sure all entrances are locked securely. Add a quality security system that is properly installed and maintained professionally. The presence of video cameras can also be an excellent deterrent for burglary. Add proper surveillance to your security system maintained by local support. Keep a safe in your home but install it away from your master bedroom. Safeguard and engrave valuable items. Do not keep security system passwords that are easy to guess or find. Don’t by a one size fits all security system. Make sure it is customized to your home for your needs. Call Control for the proper security system for your home or business. 718-948-3200

The Control Medical Alert System

A Control Security Personal Emergency Response System gives your loved ones the medical attention they deserve. Our amazing Medical Alert System can provide you and your family with emergency medical help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our super lightweight, waterproof alert pendant can allow you to notify immediate response dispatchers, and will enable our monitoring center to communicate with you to assess the emergency. Even if you are unable to communicate, we have procedures to help you. Plus, we can communicate in many languages. These pendants can be worn around your neck or on your wrist, and have a radius of 400 feet from the transceiver. We can even add additional help buttons in the bathroom or bedroom to provide you with help in anywhere in your home. The 24/7 emergency monitors can give first responders a list of medical conditions, prescriptions, and medical information. They can even notify family or neighbors of your emergency.
Control Security can help keep you and your loved ones safe with our vigilant 24/7 home monitoring systems. Rest easy as we make sure your family is safe in case of an emergency.

Drug-Related Crimes on the Rise

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbarSince the beginning of the year, pharmacies and other businesses have been robbed for painkillers and prescription drugs. Police say that crime-rates are on the rise because of drug abusers, and homes are more likely to be robbed than ever. Heroin use on Staten Island has been increasing dramatically. Child gangs are also on the rise in New York. But, what can you do to keep you, your family, and your home safe? Lock your doors and windows, and make sure your home is well lit when you are not home. Ensure that you have a quality alarm system can help your home or business stay protected and safe against burglaries and break-ins. Why risk the lives of your children or employees?
Control Security can help keep you and your loved ones safe with our vigilant 24/7 home monitoring systems. Rest easy as we make sure your family and home is protected from the threat of burglaries.

Convenient Control Technology

Here are three tips to help save you money on energy, costly repairs ar theft.

Remote locking and unlocking.
Lock your doors from work, while visiting or commuting or anywhere. You can lock or unlock your doors remotely from anywhere there is internet access. You can program lock or unlock at the same time every day or night. You can even unlock a door when you get a call from your baby sitter to let her in. Remote locking is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to remote control security.

Occupancy Sensors for Energy Savings
You can save energy by adjusting lighting and thermostats either remotely when you have forgotten or by using sensors when there is no activity in the home so when there’s no motion your home goes into energy saving mode.

Moisture Sensors
Moisture sensors in your basement to detect leaks in water heaters, plumbing etc. can be helpful when you’re away from your home. Moisture sensors can help minimize water damage and save you lots of money on repairs.

Video Surveillance For Your Home or Business

Video_Family_bullet_iPad_ACUThe mere presence of cameras can be an effective deterrent for local crime. Video surveillance is a cost effective way to prevent and reduce crime for your home or business. Research has shown that for every dollar spent on video surveillance,  more than twice as mush can be saved in parts of Staten Island. If you have an incident your video recordings can be used
to help identify and apprehend criminals involved in your robbery.

Video technology improved  with the introduction of digital and multiflexer technology. These powerful new advances in video technology extend its range and law enforcement/surveillance applications. Video cameras have powerful zoom lenses which can tilt and pan to offer a 360-degree coverage. They also are able to gather sharp, clear images in extremely low light. Moreover, new digital video technology requires less labor intensive monitoring. Digital video surveillance cameras  can link computer data processing power with sensor or motion detectors to filter out unrelated activities. Such systems  can search through a video database of events, allowing the user to isolate only those details in which a particular image occurs. This technology helps police with criminal investigations in order to solve crimes. An executive for a major  security firm contends that, “new surveillance cameras document indisputable events with incredibly high resolution.
Many businesses in the United States have invested heavily in the new video surveillance technology to protect products and to promote safe workplace and consumer environments. A recent nationwide survey of a wide variety of companies found that 75 percent utilize CCTV surveillance. Private sector CCTV surveillance technology is operated in a wide variety of  industries: industry/manufacturing, retailing, financial/insurance/banking, transportation and distribution, utilities/communications, health care, and hotels/motels.

Control Security Alarms can help you determine the level of video surveillance that is necessary for your home or business. Give us a call at 718-948-3200 and we will work with you to develop the proper security system for you.

Home Monitoring and Control

Home monitoring and control is an important part of home modernization in this economy. Professional monitoring of your home by a local company that knows the neighborhood and burglary trends is paramount. The best part is local quality doesn’t have to cost you any more than the  “Commercial B0hemoths”.  Our Control systems allow you to regulate your home in or away from your dwelling. Remotely adjust your thermostats, lights, cameras from your smartphone or tablet. Save money on energy, keep an eye on your home, turn lights on or off or remotely lock or unlock your doors. You can receive notifications to your email, computer or smartphone. Excellent monitoring and home or office control is just a phone call Front View Of A Smartphone With Smart Home Applicationaway. Contact us at 718-948-3200 and we’ll make you feel safe and secure at home or away, with Control.