Home Automations

Smart Home Device - Home ControlWouldn’t it be great if your house could be controlled by your computer, phone, or tablet? Automated lights, shades, and locks can all be preset or controlled remotely. Turn on your hall light on your way home, or wake up while the curtains draw back. Your child forgot their key? You can open the door from the office with the push of a button. With preset automations, you can close all the shades, lock the doors and windows, and turn off the lights for bed. Operate the thermostat and ceiling fans without leaving the couch. Control the maximum and minimum temperature changes, so the kids don’t mess with the thermostat. You can also view and control security cameras from your mobile devices or computer.

When it comes to your safety and comfort, there are many features that can be added and customized to your home alarm system or commercial security system.

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Alarm System Features to Keep You Safe

security-camera-1359966638zhbTechnology is constantly evolving. As it improves, technological equipment gets better. New innovations in the field of security systems are being made to help keep you, and your family safe. Two of these new modifications are Home Management and Emergency Alerts.
Home Management is a safe way to control your lights, doors, locks, thermostat, and water valves. These controls allow you to remotely or automatically lock up, manage energy use, and lower the cost of the heat and water bills. You can even automate lights for when no one is home, to show that someone is there. Home settings can also be changed from your smartphone, tablet, or computer; for easy access at home, work, or when away.
Emergency Alerts are not for just break-ins anymore. Based on your zip code, some alarm systems can actually alert you about impending disasters. Warnings for floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more can be directly sent to the alarm system, so you can always be prepared.
When it comes to your safety there are many features that can be added and customized to your home alarm system or commercial security system. For more information on protecting your home or business, call Control Security Systems at 718-948-3200.

Fall Scams

Great neighborhood. Homes in a suburb at Fall in the north AmeriAs both leaves and temperatures drop, it’s prime time for the unaware homeowner to fall victim to seasonal home maintenance scams.

Summer is a high season for break-ins since warm weather means more folks are out and on vacation. But colder weather is known for distraction burglaries that occur while you’re at home but not paying attention.

One of the most common cons in the fall is: A false contractor comes to the door, proposing to clean leaf-filled gutters, trim trees or work on other fall fix-ups. When you go outside to talk about the job or watch the contractor work, an accomplice goes in your unattended, unlocked door for a speedy burglary. Cash from purses and jewelry from the bedroom are the most common targets.   

Another type of distraction burglary is when you are still inside your home. A fraud acting as an employee of the water or electric company entices you away from the door, possibly on the excuse of requiring to go down to the cellar to check a meter.

The newest tactic is when a con artist gets entry into your house by saying he/she is from a government-sponsored weatherization program. The fraud explains that he must get measurements so you can receive low-cost insulation. The homeowner steps away from the door and the burglary occurs.

In conclusion, anyone coming up to your door unsolicited and claiming to be a contractor or utility worker should raise some concern. Don’t let the person inside your home, even if they have a uniform and badge. First verify the visitor’s identity by calling the company yourself. If you step outside to talk, always lock the door behind you.  

Even if you confirm a technician’s identity, there’s no guarantee for protection against a rip-off.  This is the season when low prices hit high gear in mailed fliers and telephone offers for the most popular con and shady service for your home’s chimney and furnace.

Low prices for cleaning a heating system can lure frauds for the real clean-out: An inspection done during the work exposes problems that can cost thousands of dollars and as the serviceman warns, requires direct attention.

You’ll spend approximately $200 for a chimney cleaning and inspection by a company endorsed by your local fire department or the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Anticipate paying about $100 for a furnace cleaning. The company that installed your present unit can do the job or refer you. You may also find valid companies through the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association that many states have.

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Campus Security Tips

Group of college students walking in campus groundNow that the summer is ending soon, many students will be attending college in the upcoming Fall semester. To keep students safe and aware on campus, Control Security and has come up with important tips to follow while attending college.

Protect your property:

  • Personal property (backpacks, purses, briefcases, laptops etc) should never be left unattended. Make sure to take the items with you when leaving your dorm, office, or classroom.
  • Lock your door whenever you leave your dorm or office. Always lock your door when sleeping in your room.
  • Lock your car doors and make sure the alarm is not on silent.
  • Never leave personal valuables in plain view.
  • Be sure to take valuables home during vacations.

Protect yourself walking or jogging:

  • Try not to walk or jog alone after dark.
  • Make sure you walk in well-lit routes.
  • Know your surroundings. If you suspect you are being followed, go in a different direction, and head quickly for a lighted area or group of people.
  • Keep your keys ready when returning to your dorm or apartment and keep personal or valuable items hidden and close to your body.

Suspicious Activity:

  • If you see any suspicious activity or people on or near the campus, call or contact the schools public safety office as soon as possible.
  • Do not assume the individual is a visitor or a faculty member that you have not noticed before.

10 Travel Technology Tips For The Summer

Man on smart phone - young business man in airport. Casual urbanWhen traveling your digital data is at higher risk of theft or intrusion. Keep your devices secure. The equipment you travel with like laptops, tablets, smartphones are vulnerable to theft and compromise while you are traveling or even connecting to the internet.

1) Keep your devices in a secure place.
2) Make sure all mobile devices are password protected.
3) Turn off your equipment when it's not being used.
4) Keep your technolgy with you instead of checking it
5) Don't use simple passwords. Make them secure.
6) Keep your antivirus software updated
7) Install firewalls whenever possible
8) Beware of malware in downloads especially when traveling
9) Backup your data before you travel
10) If you don't need it don't travel with it


Summer Burglaries on the Rise

Security CameraThe summer season is here. When we think about summer, we think of pool parties, suntan lotion and fireworks, but are you aware that it is also a busy season for burglars. According to recent studies, property crime rates are highest during July and August, so if you are planning a big road trip, there are a few things you need to know.

Research has shown that the average burglar is male and under the age of 25. The top age for property crime arrest is 16. The reasoning is because young 16 year olds are out of school during the summer and that may account in part for the increase in property-related crimes during July and August. Furthermore, summer is the most prominent season for family vacations, and burglars love to target unoccupied homes.

A house without a security system is three times more likely to be raided than a protected home. The first step is to invest and install a quality home security system if you don’t already own one. If you plan on traveling this summer, consider buying security cameras with remote streaming capabilities. The remote streaming allows you to record video footage and transmit straight to your smartphone while you’re away. Moreover, it can use motion activation technology to begin recording during a home invasion.

A home security system makes an exceptional deterrent, but it’s not the only deterrent and option. If you want to make the most of your home security for the summer, it’s imperative to integrate other deterrents into your home security plans. For example if you don’t own a dog, you might think about purchasing a dog bark alarm, which scares away possible burglars with realistic sounding barks. If you don’t have enough money for a surveillance system, you might install a dummy camera in the front of your home. Intruders won’t be able to distinguish it from the real thing, and the sight of a security camera is a warning sign.

Our security systems can protect you and your home from a multitude of expected and unexpected situations. Our systems are easy to use. Choosing Control Security Services is Easy. Call us at 718-948-3200. Our experience, quality alarm and monitoring systems and level of service separate us from the rest. You can start feeling safe right away.

Top 10 Home Security Mistakes People Make

Top 10 Sign And Concept1) Leaving windows around the house unlocked

 • Make sure you lock your windows every time you leave your house

2) Hiding a spare key outside your house

 • Do not hide a spare key under your door mat

3) Leaving the lights on in your house every night

 • Having the lights constantly on is an obvious mistake, if you get Control Security Services, we can set you up with a variable timer that will turn your lights on and off at any set time.

4) Not having a neighbor watch over house when you’re out

 • If you’re on vacation or running a quick errand or even having a night out with friends, and don’t have anyone to look over your house, get Control Security services. We will be monitoring your house 24/7 for any invasions, burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide leaks.

5) Forgetting to lock your garage door

 • A lot of homeowners forget to lock their garage doors after they take their car out. With Control Security Services, our security system will automatically lock or unlock your garage door when you take the car out, and bring it back.

6) Having a dark yard

 • A dark yard attracts burglars because they cannot be seen. Set up lights in your yard and have them timed by our great security system.

7) Having mail in front of the house

 • If you’re not home and your mail or deliveries are piled in front of your house, ask a neighbor to take them to their house, or better yet, get our Control Security Services. Our highly trained operators will be watching over your house at all times, and will send over emergency units if they see any suspicious activity.

8) Valuable trash

 • What most homeowners don’t realize is that if a burglar sees your

Samsung 3D TV box in the trash can outside your house, they will do some shopping in your house. You can prevent that with our services.

9) Social media status

 • What you don’t want to do when you go away for vacation is to promote it everywhere on the internet. That gives strangers easy access to your home because they know that the house is going to be vacant.

10) Accessible tools

 • A ladder on the side of your house is a welcome sign for a burglar to climb to the second story and even to the roof of your house. Make sure you avoid that commonly made mistake.

Is your home or business a burglars dream? Don’t wait until it’s too late, get Control Security Services. Our highly trained professionals will provide you with advanced, customizable security solutions to your home or business.

Control Security guarantees its customers with 24/7 protection, if an alarm goes off, our operators send emergency services to your house or business right away. You will feel much safer and tension-free after having our security system installed, because we will be watching over your house for you.

Protect your Community with a Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood WatchA Neighborhood watch can improve for the safety of your community. This practice has been used since colonial times, but was launched officially in 1972. The neighborhood works with your local police to help detect and deter criminal activity. They can also train you.  As a citizen, you can learn how to reduce a crime from occurring while raising the credibility of alerts coming from the area.

A neighborhood watch works by allowing the citizens be the eyes and ears for police. The watch has no authority to apprehend a criminal. Should they report a crime, it will be considered credible since they were trained by the police. Neighborhood watches can be used to protect homes and businesses.

Best practices like a good alarm system, proper safety precautions and a neighborhood watch, your home and community could become much safer. Help improve your community.  Call us at 718-948-3200.

Video Monitoring

 EnterpriseNVRsoftware_lo   One of the most important aspects of any good security system is monitoring. Our alarm systems can be set up or upgraded to use up to ten CCTV in your home or business, creating a way for you to view the live video. Having closed-circuit cameras installed means that only your family can view the footage, or security professionals when absolutely necessary. With remote access from your computer or mobile device, you can be reassured that your family or business is safe.

    Our camera systems allow you to take pictures, view live footage, and even set up selective motion sensor trigger zones. Most camera systems let you see footage after the alarm is triggered, but why not see more? You can also save up to 30 days of 24/7 footage on our exclusive DVR system. This allows you to view important footage, and even see day to day film. You even get up to 250 GB of cloud storage space to save the film. Our monitoring system can also be used to send direct messages to you if an alarm is triggered.

    Be ready in case of an emergency. Our security systems can protect you and your home from a multitude of situations. Our video monitoring can be used as proof of burglary or theft in many cases. Choosing Control Security Services is easy. Our experience, quality monitoring systems and level of service separate us from the rest. You can start feeling safe right away. Call us at 718-948-3200.


Commercial Burglary Caught On Video

This video shows comical footage of the theft of a liquor store. The thief has a difficult time getting in falls through the ceiling more than once. Can't find a safe way out then calls the police to rescue him. This attempted burglary is sad and funny at the same time. Take a look.