Alarming Burglary Statistics

Man Watching An Employee Work Via A Closed-circuit Video MonitorThere are over 2 million home burglaries per year in the US. Roughly every 13 seconds, a home is burglarized in America. Home without alarm systems are up to 300% more likely to be burglarized. 85% of break-ins are from non-professional robbers who in-turn are more dangerous and desperate. Windows are the most common entry point for burglars. 95% of burglaries require the criminal to use force to enter the home.

Don’t let your home become another statistic. Prevent break-ins to your home with a quality Control Security Alarm. Contact us today at (718) 948-3200 to inquire more information about our security systems and services for your home or office, and how you can be safer at home or work, throughout your day.

Make Your Home Look Active

As the weather warms up, burglaries become more common. If you are going away on vacation, it is important to have your home look like it has activity. A home that looks like someone is on premises is less likely to get robbed.
Have someone you trust collect the mail and newspaper daily. One of the biggest signs of inactivity in a home is a full mailbox. If you have a home automation system, set your lights on a timer to mimic home activity. If you do not have this service, ask a neighbor or someone you trust to turn lights on and off throughout the day. Before leaving, make sure bushes are trimmed, and if you have a gardener or landscaper, they should keep up appearances. Do not use social media to tell people that you are out of town. Posts and pictures can wait until you return, and can show the world that no one is in your home. For more protection when you go away, consider having a surveillance system installed.
Contact us today at (718) 948-3200 to inquire more information about our security systems and services for your home or office, and how you can be safer at home or work, throughout your day.

Spring Burglary Prevention Tips

Warm weather in the Spring brings around something unwanted that most people don’t notice – more burglaries. Spring crime rates rise with the warmer weather, for two major reasons: warmer weather and outdoor activities.

Warm weather leads to more burglaries in two ways. The first is simple: with warmer weather comes warmer nights. Most burglars rob in the warmer seasons because the cold can make stealing more difficult. The second is access. As the weather is warmer, people open more windows and use screen doors for a nice breeze in the home. This gives burglars and thieves more ways of breaking into your home.

Spring activities such as gardening and lawn care often lead to an unlocked entry for burglars. Open garage doors and unlocked back doors can give a thief quick access to your valuables while you are right outside.

You can’t stop every burglary by just locking your door. A quality alarm system, outdoor lighting, and even a watchdog can greatly reduce and prevent criminals from burglarizing your home or business. Keep your valuables, and more importantly your family, safe from harms way at home with CCTV security monitoring and alarm systems from Control Security Services.

Contact us today at (718) 948-3200 to inquire more information about our security systems and services for your home or office, and how you can be safer at home or work, throughout your day.

Remote Control for Home or Office

5e213234-c385-4693-b67c-c03177ee53a2The safety professionals at Control Systems offer their customers the best in System Features of Remote Control for your home or office. You can now worry less about home invasion or company break-ins, theft, burglary, etc, while you’re away at work, on the road, or on vacation with the family. Technology has come a long way, and now you are able to have full safety access of your home with just the push of a button!


Our System Features have user-friendly keypads, wireless keychain remotes, instant emails and phone call notifications, back-up calling in case power is down, and most importantly, remote programming while you are out for the day. Cast your worries aside with our 24/7 monitoring; if there’s ever any danger or threat to your home, we will alert you immediately.


From your smartphone, your laptop, and your tablet, customers have countless options as to how they can keep tabs on their home while out-and-about for the day. Our clients have the ability to customize their home safety security with the needs that meet their everyday lives; ranging from smoke and fire sensors and window and door contacts, Control Systems covers all aspects of home security and ensures maximum security and safety.


Contact us today at (718) 948-3200 to inquire more information about our Remote Control for home or office, and how you can be safe at home or work, throughout your day.


SI Alarm – Winter Safety

Explosive Gas AlarmNo matter the season, but especially in the dead of winter, carbon monoxide can be a danger to you and your family, due to heaters running. Ensure your trust in us, Control Systems, and we will provide you with the top-of-the-line equipment and carbon monoxide detectors that will guarantee safety. Carbon monoxide is known to be a “silent killer”. You can put that “silent killer” on alert with a carbon monoxide system. If there is ever a situation where you need help but cannot react accordingly, our monitoring system will be detected and we will immediately send help.


This winter, we’ve encountered some single digit degree weather. Cold weather only means one thing in the case of your home – the possibility of your pipes bursting, causing water to damage your home, and your water line or water heater breaking. Put your worries to rest by have Control Systems install a water sensor in your home. The function of the water sensor is that it detects when either of these scenarios occur, to which it then alerts our monitoring systems so that we may alert you of the situation.


Give us a call at (718) 948-3200, on how we could put your mind at ease for your home safety during the rest of the winter season.


Control Systems – Business Security

security guard watching video monitoring surveillance security s

Every business owner wants to ensure that their business remains safe and secure. Control Systems can ease the minds of entrepreneurs everywhere with their Business Security offering.

 When businesses are not secured and protected, they are at a risk of losing all of the worth of the business. Business Security allows for maximum security with burglary, CCTV, 24/7 monitoring, environmental control monitoring and much more.

 Hold Up/Panic Systems are another protection feature that any business should not do without. Ensure the safety of your employers, your customers, along with yourself by investing in this life-saving feature. This way, if danger threatens your business, help is just one click away.

 The team at Control Systems is up-to-date with the latest in system protection services. To inquire for more information, please call us at (718) 948-3200.


Save Energy with Home Control

Remote Services – Save Energy

Upgrading your security system can allow you to take total control of your home. During the winter while your away or at work, the convenience of remote control in your home has never been easier. Connecting to your home remotely offers many benefits you might not have thought of.  Control your security, cameras, locks, lighting and thermostat. Remote by Tuxedo Touch helps you to save money on your energy bills and simplify your life. Lock and unlock doors remotely. Watch your home while you’re away. Remotely control of your lights, blinds and more. Call 718-948-3200 for a free consultation.

Snowbird Checklist

vacation photoThis list is for all of you Snowbirds that are leaving your Staten Island residence after the Holidays. Here are a few safety tips to keep on mind before your are on your way to warmer weather. When in doubt have a professional shut down appliances, and internal electronics while you are away. Have a safe winter.


  1. Make it seem like you are home
  2. Stop mail and newspaper subscriptions
  3. Have a neighbor remove fliers left on your premises
  4. Have your lawn and snow taken care of
  5. Put lights on varying timers
  6. Insulate pipes and use temperature alerts
  7. Darin pipes and consider having a plumber clear your lines
  8. Shut off water to all appliances like ice makers, washing machine, hot water heater if not in use.
  9. Remove all valuables
  10. Secure all entryways
  11. Set alarm and alert systems
  12. Unplug all appliances

Tip on the Latest Home Invasions on Staten Island

With the rash of home invasions of the last few months..just a little note for safety…if you arm your alarm system when your doorbell rings you have the exit time to decide whether you trust the person or not…if you’re incapacitated.. after a few minutes the entry buzzer will sound then the alarm will…notifying the Central Station …should you be forced to answer the phone you give the wrong password and hang up the phone….the operators at the Central Station are trained to understand what that means and notify the proper authority….as always we at CONTROL SECURITY are here to help any questions 718.948.3200…

Keep Your Family Safe

Cutout paper chain family with the protection of cupped hands, cLife Safety Devices Installed by Control Security can be a great way to keep your family safe. If you worry about what would happen to a family member when you’re not around Installing life Safety devices is the answer. 24/7 peace of mind and a safer home is a wise choice for any Staten Island home owner. If fire, fumes or carbon monoxide makes it’s way into your home someone can be alerted.  Know about water that could cause structural damage to your home while you are away.  If someone in your home hears an intruder, you can know about it. Be notified if there is a dangerous gas leak. when temperatures fall too low, you can find out about it before your pipes freeze. If you have a senior or infirmed person in your home they can have an extra level of protection with our medical alert system. They can send help with the push of a button. We can keep your medical history on hand for emergency responders. Control Security can keep you safe in many ways. Call for a free consultation 718-948-3200

1. Smoke Detection
2. Water Sensors
3. Carbon Monoxide Detection
4. Panic Alarms
5. Gas Leak Detection
6. Medical Alarms
7. Low Temperature Sensors
8. Stand Alone Medical Alert Systems
9. Home Security