Improvements in Monitoring With Video Verification

Criminals that break into homes and businesses often escape before the police arrive. This is because the police do not put break-ins as a high priority crime because the break-ins aren’t verified. Our expert monitors help your business get the proper security response, faster. When our systems identify that someone entered your business, we can identify if that person is trespassing. Our monitors send a response to the police quicker, while the criminal is still in the building. This quick response system is known as Video Verification. While standard surveillance and monitoring can allow you or the police to see the crime, Video Verification can help identify the burglar, contact the police faster, With the criminal still inside, the police make the event a higher priority, and the response time is quicker. Video Verification of the robbery allows the police to treat it as a crime in progress (priority 1), instead of a completed crime (priority 3) or a false alarm. With Video Verification Security, burglars are less likely to escape. Many insurance companies are updating policies to encourage home and business owners to install video verification systems. Video Verification should result in less property loss and better capture rates of burglars. Advances with this technology have made Video Verification Systems more effective and affordable for the average small business.
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