Natural Gas Detectors

1-1246450872gCFFHaving a carbon monoxide detector in your home is the law. Natural gas is even more deadly than carbon monoxide and we use it in our kitchen and to heat our homes every day. Natural gas can suffocate you as quickly as carbon monoxide and it also has the added danger of being combustible. Every home should have natural gas detection. This is where the professionals at Control Security come in, as we offer customers a natural gas detector that helps detect natural gas leaks and helps to save lives.

A natural gas detector is a useful tool that everyone should have installed in their kitchen. Acting as a second eye to ensure the safety of your family and your property, this is a vital appliance in safeguarding and protecting yourself and your home. This device is groundbreaking as it detects a possible gas leak that can be sourced from your stove or oven. As Control Security installs your natural gas detector, you can now rest easy knowing you have increased awareness against gas leaks in your home.

For the elderly, a potential natural gas leak is especially dangerous because they may not be able to detect a leak. We urge you to advise any elderly family members to have the installation of our Control Systems natural gas detector so you can have a peace of mind about detection of gas leaks.

Control Security is a leading provider of all things security and safety on Staten Island. Rest easy knowing that the products installed by our company assist in maintaining the safety and security of your family, your home, and your valuables. For more information about our services, or to book an installation appointment, please call us at (718) 948-3200.