Remote Control for Home or Office

5e213234-c385-4693-b67c-c03177ee53a2The safety professionals at Control Systems offer their customers the best in System Features of Remote Control for your home or office. You can now worry less about home invasion or company break-ins, theft, burglary, etc, while you’re away at work, on the road, or on vacation with the family. Technology has come a long way, and now you are able to have full safety access of your home with just the push of a button!


Our System Features have user-friendly keypads, wireless keychain remotes, instant emails and phone call notifications, back-up calling in case power is down, and most importantly, remote programming while you are out for the day. Cast your worries aside with our 24/7 monitoring; if there’s ever any danger or threat to your home, we will alert you immediately.


From your smartphone, your laptop, and your tablet, customers have countless options as to how they can keep tabs on their home while out-and-about for the day. Our clients have the ability to customize their home safety security with the needs that meet their everyday lives; ranging from smoke and fire sensors and window and door contacts, Control Systems covers all aspects of home security and ensures maximum security and safety.


Contact us today at (718) 948-3200 to inquire more information about our Remote Control for home or office, and how you can be safe at home or work, throughout your day.