Safety First with the Medical Alert System

1bigstock-Fall-5078139The goal for SI Alarm is to help keep you and your family safe. A personable way to do so is through the use of our Medical Alert System service. If you or someone you love needs assistance but are unable to do so for any reason, rest assured that SI Alarm will immediately send help along the way.

The Medical Alert System service that we provide is unique and unlike any other. With just a push of the button on the lightweight and waterproof wireless pendant, highly proficient and trained dispatchers will be alerted and will immediately send response personnel to come to your aid. The wireless pendant, which can be used up to 400 feet in your home, provides 24/7 hands-free communication with the monitoring center.

In the case of an emergency, dispatch specialists will be able to communicate with you via the console, quickly note the issue and immediately send for help. If you are, however, unable to communicate, dispatchers have procedures that will help you. Additionally, communicating in other languages is also available when needed. Dispatchers will also notify family, friends, and neighbors of your emergency.

The Medical Alert System provides you with peace of mind that you are never alone in case of a scare or an emergency. With 24/7 assistance and the pre-programmed and ready to use wireless pendant, which can be worn around the neck or wrist, you can be sure that SI Alarm is here to help.

For more information on our Medical Alert System service, please contact SI Alarm today (718) 948-3200.