Snowbird Checklist

vacation photoThis list is for all of you Snowbirds that are leaving your Staten Island residence after the Holidays. Here are a few safety tips to keep on mind before your are on your way to warmer weather. When in doubt have a professional shut down appliances, and internal electronics while you are away. Have a safe winter.


  1. Make it seem like you are home
  2. Stop mail and newspaper subscriptions
  3. Have a neighbor remove fliers left on your premises
  4. Have your lawn and snow taken care of
  5. Put lights on varying timers
  6. Insulate pipes and use temperature alerts
  7. Darin pipes and consider having a plumber clear your lines
  8. Shut off water to all appliances like ice makers, washing machine, hot water heater if not in use.
  9. Remove all valuables
  10. Secure all entryways
  11. Set alarm and alert systems
  12. Unplug all appliances