Video Surveillance in Spring

security-camera-1359966638zhbSpring is the start of the time of warm weather. People want to be outside, enjoying the warm days instead of being cramped in the house all day. With the nicer weather however, comes caution to protecting your home, as burglars and robbers could easily be roaming around your neighborhood. Ease your worries with a video surveillance and control system from SI Alarm.

Video Surveillance and control is made easy with Control Security Alarms. All that has to be done is the installation of the system in your home where you’ll be able to access 10 CCTV cameras in real time directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer, so you’ll have the ability to check up on your home from wherever you may be. In addition, you also can go back and view footage that starts the recording 3 seconds prior to a supposed break-in or invasion. With this top of the line video surveillance and control system installed in your home, it will be next to impossible for a possible home intrusion or invasion and your fears will falter as you enjoy the ambiance of the warm Spring season.

Protect your family and ease your mind this Spring with only the best in home protection and surveillance equipment. The professionals at SI Alarm are here to help you help keep your family and your home safe. For more information on our video surveillance and control systems, give SI Alarm a call today at (718) 948-3200.